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Lead Minister--Enterprise Christian Church (Enterprise, Oregon)

Enterprise Christian Church is seeking a new lead minister!

Ministry Overview:

ECC is located in a pristine region of northeast Oregon close to Wallowa Lake and the visually stunning Wallowa Mountain range. Our community and congregation are made up of a variety of demographic groups. We have a diverse agricultural work base as well as a vibrant service sector. Our fairly secluded northeast area of Oregon is also well known as an attractive destination for art, tourism and outdoor recreation.

We’re a church that ranges anywhere from 85 to 135 in-person attendance each Sunday plus a growing community online that consistently live stream our service each week. Our in-person attendance often fluctuates up and down throughout the year as the vacationers and retirees move in and out of the county per the distinct seasonal shifts.

We embrace the greatest commandments offered by Jesus in Matthew 22:37-39 ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ and ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ We embrace the importance of being a mission-driven congregation, pursuing the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) by “seeking and saving the lost” (Luke 19:10). It is our passion to connect with all people who need the help and hope of Jesus Christ. We are in the process of becoming spiritually mature, surrendered followers of Jesus with the hope that making disciples can be our way of life.

Lead Minister Description:

The lead minister of Enterprise Christian Church has four primary responsibilities:

1. Being our primary preaching/teaching voice.

The lead minister must possess skills in communicating the Word of God in correct and relevant ways, both in worship gatherings, as well as in smaller group settings.

2. Providing leadership to our staff team and throughout the church.

This position is the primary point person, providing direction to the church staff, as well as developing a leadership culture within the church so that leaders will produce leaders (1 Cor. 11:1).

3. Engaging people relationally, both within the church and throughout our community.

The lead minister should possess strong interpersonal skills that enable him to develop authentic relationships with people. Our lead minister should model the compassion of Jesus (Mt 9:36).

4. Be our primary representative to our community and beyond.

Our lead minister will be the proverbial face of our church to those outside our congregation, such as to our community, as well as to our ministry partners.

Personal Qualifications

  • Highly organized and self-motivated

  • Strong communication skills

  • Creative and expressive

  • Computer proficient, able to use relevant technology and resources.

  • Competent in organization, administration and interpersonal relationships

  • Good work ethic and ability to see projects through to completion

  • Values collaboration and teamwork in accomplishing goals

  • Desires accountable relationships with staff and team members

  • Self-aware and familiar with personal strengths and areas of growth

Ministry Qualifications

  • The lead minister must possess a vibrant, ever-growing walk with God. His spiritual formation is of utmost importance and must be exhibited in his attitudes, behaviors, choices, and decisions. The lead minister should evidence strong marriage and family values.

  • As a baptized (immersed) believer, understands and supports the scripture-based doctrine of the Restoration Movement.

  • Potential and desire to remain in a long-term (5 year minimum) ministry at ECC.

  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in relevant field of ministry or at least 5 years of relevant education and/or experience in ministerial roles (seminary degree preferred).

Reporting Relationships

  • Elders

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