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We just had a great 172nd NW Christian Convention! 

Did you miss it? 

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the 173rd Northwest Christian Convention  |  June 24 - 29, 2025


Come join us! Here we will reconnect with our restoration roots and remember that we are not the only Christians but that we are Christians only.  Digging deep into the Sermon on the Mount we will discuss  who Jesus says He is and who He calls us to be. Follow along with us as we engage in Jesus’ core teachings. 

In a world where there are million problems, a million distractions, a million ideologies or ways of life --
there is ONLY one God and Lord of all. Only one Savior, the way, truth and life. And only one Church.

Come prepared to be challenged, encouraged, equipped and sent out. It’s going to be a great gathering! 



The Northwest Christian Convention is an annual gathering of Christians that has been happening in Oregon for 170 years. Over that time the gathering has gone by many different names--The Missionary Society of Oregon, The Annual State Cooperation, and The Oregon Christian Convention. Throughout that time, however, the mission of the gathering has always been the same:

  • to promote unity among Christians in the Northwest,

  • the encourage and equip churches in the Northwest, and 

  • to promote and support missions around the world.

Housing Options

  • Campsites with Water and Electric: $25 per night (100 campsites)

  • Tent camping no hook-ups: $15 per night

  • Centennial Lodge: Single person $20 per night, Double $25 per night

  • Jubilee Lodge Upstairs: $10 per night (men’s and women’s side)

  • (all cabins are full at this time)

  • Cabin 1-5, 7, 8, 11 (no restroom): $30 per night

  • Cabin 6, 9, 10, 12, 13 (either full bathroom or water and toilet): $50 per night


In order to secure housing email to request the type of housing you need. When you register, pay the $25 housing deposit (remainder due upon arrival) or pay the full amount online in the “housing deposit” box.

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