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Leroy Lawson

Dr. Roy Lawson is an Oregon native son; born in Tillamook, educated for ministry at Northwest Christian College (now Bushnell University), and founding minister of Tigard Christian Church (now part of Northwest Christian Church).   

He later served as a professor (Milligan University and Emmanuel Christian Seminary), pastor (E. 38th Street Christian Church in Indianapolis and Central Christian Church in Mesa AZ), and interim pastor in several states.

He and his wife Joy currently live among their family in Wentzville, Missouri, where he continues serving as a consultant, interim pastor and frequent guest speaker. The latest of his 32 books is Son, We Need to Talk on the death of the Lawson's son Lane.

Keith Potter

Keith Potter is an educator, pastor, author and speaker. His book Unshakable: The Building Blocks of an Enduring Marriage, has been published in three languages. Whitewashing the Fence: Leading Leaders in a Way That Works, endorsed by John Maxwell and Ken Blanchard, captures his executive philosophy. SportsTweets: What I Learned from Coaches About Sports and Life, was co-authored with NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott. From the Dark Domain is a work of historical fiction, set in the midst of the Rwandan genocide of 1994.

Most recently, Keith was project leader and contributing author of Wisdom, Faith, and Service: Reframing the Bushnell University Saga.

Keith serves as Vice President for University Advancement at Bushnell University in Eugene and has been the interim teaching pastor at historic First Baptist Church of Eugene for almost two years.

Lynn Jacobson

Lynn Jacobson is entering her 7th decade. She will bring encouragement and inspiration for the possibilities that lie ahead. Lynn is a lifelong learner, dedicated to building a sound mind. She has earned three Master’s degrees and a PhD.

She is daily seeking God, studying the scriptures in Biblical Hebrew, and looking for the good. Lynn is also committed to physical wellness. She has overcome congenital hip disease and has participated in running marathons and triathlons. She took up the sport of powerlifting in her mid-60’s. Lynn also loves to bike, hike, and swim.

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