In 2021, we moved to change the name of our organization to bring clarity to our community. The vision of one of our board members shared, was that of a net, being cast out to gather in the churches and believers of our area. This is our hope and our aim, that we would be  unified, built up, and encouraged as we gather together.



As represented by the 2021 Convention


American Lutheran
Astoria Christian Church
Boise Bible College
Bushnell University
Capitol Christian
Christian Church, Hillsboro
Church of the City
Countryside Christian Church
Dalla Church
Dayspring Fellowship
Eddyville Community Church
Emmanuel Christian Seminary
Fellowship Christian Church
Garden Way Church
Gates Community Church
Goldhill Christian Church
Grandview Christian Church
Harrisburg Christian Church
Hope Christian Church
Keizer Church of Christ 

Roseburg First Christian 
Satus Indian Mission, WA
Solomon Foundation
Sunrise Christian Church 
Southside Christian Church 
Suburban Christian Church 
Sweet Home Christian Church 
Thurston Christian Church 
Tigard Christian 
Tillamook First Christian 
Trinity Episcopal 
Turner Christian Church
Twin Oaks Christian Church
Village Christian Church
WiNeMa Christian Camp
Willamina Christian Church
Woodburn Christian Church 

Madison Ave. Christian Church
Marcola Christian Church​
Milwaukie Christian Church
Molalla Christian Church
Monmouth Christian Church
NW Church in Newberg
Newberg Church of Christ 
Newport Christian Church
Norkenzie Christian Church
North Plains Christian Church 
Northwest Church, WA 
OLE Church Planters 
Pioneer Bible Translators 
Praise Assembly 
Prineville Christian Church 
Redmond Christian Church 
Riverside Christian Church 
Rockwood Christian Church 
Rogue Valley Christian 

* This List reflects the 2021 Northwest Christian Convention attenders. It, however, does not reflect those who attended but may not have registered.