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Friday: Church CHALLENGES

Church ministry is always full of ups and downs, but there are times when churches face bigger challenges than others--including deep congregational division, finding a new pastor, and even struggling to stay afloat. These workshops will help equip churches to meet those challenges and reasure them that they are not alone.


Mediating Conflict

Andrew Arthur (Genesis Mediations)

This workshop is designed to help churches who are facing deep divisions that keep them from being able to move forward. Andrew is a professional mediator who will provide meaningful advise and guidance and how to reach consensus amidst division in your congregation.

When the Budget's in the Red

Gary Scheer (Solomon Foundation)

One of the most discouraging challenges churches can face is when the budget doesn't balance. This can lead  to difficult decisions where churches have to balance faith in God's providence and good stewardship of his church. In this workshop Greg Shear will present on how churches can address budget shortfalls faithfully and responsibly. 

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Successful Interims

Greg Strannigan

Interim periods between one pastor and another can be intimidating. However, they can also be exciting times of opportunity for the congregation to take ownership of their ministries. Greg Strannigan will use his training in interim ministry to help churches turn interim periods into meaningful ministry.

Defining Moments: Walking Well Through Leadership Transitions

Keith Potter (Bushnell University)

Keith Potter is a church consultant who works with churches through difficult transitions. He will be leading a workshop to help churches prepare for--and be successful in--the periods in between one pastor and the next.

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Options for Struggling Churches

Panel Discussion

Churches that are struggling to stay afloat may feel like they are out of options. However, these days there are a lot of options for churches to revitalize their ministry--church mergers, relaunches, and turn-around ministries. This panel will include members with experience in each of these options who can speak to their ups and downs.

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