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Wednesday: Church MINISTERS

Wednesday's workshops are focused on the needs and challenges of ministers. Ministers face unique challenges and opportunities in their vocation, and these workshops will help prepare both ministers and their congregations for those challenges and opportunities.


Shepherding in the Valley of the Shadow of Politics

Matt Holmes

Today pastors are facing the struggle of leading and preaching to churches that are deeply polarized. This workshop will share practical and theological insight to help pastors draw their congregations around the agenda of their king, Jesus Christ.

Coffee and Conversation for Women in Ministry

Dr. Melisa Ortiz Berry

More of a guided conversation than a workshop, this session is for women in ministry--women who are pastors, married to pastors, or otherwise serving in vocational ministry--to talk about their common joy and challenges and encourage each other in their unique callings.

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Retirement Planning for Pastors

Matt Shears (Pension Fund of the Christian Church)

This workshop is designed to help pastors plan and prepare for retirement and connect them (and their congregations) with the resources that can help them retire well.

Pastors' Taxes

Nancy Jones, LTC

Many people--even pastors--don't realize just how complicated it can be to properly file pastor's taxes. The goal of this workshop is to prepare Pastors before they make the mistake so they can prepare their taxes with confidence and accuracy.

Filling Out Tax Form
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This workshop is still being arranged. Check back to see when it's announced!

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