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Thursday: Church LIFE

There are a lot of elements in ministry that are important, but not glamorous. As much as we may love to focus on worship, bible studies, and summer camp, we also have to know how to resolve conflict, insure our buildings, handle non-profit finances, and keep our church members safe. These workshops are meant to equip your church to deal with the details so you can focus on the ministry!


The End of Discipleship: The Role of Conflict Resolution in Biblical Discipleship

Doug Marshall (Pastorserve)

Conflict too often brings our efforts at discipleship to a screeching halt. We see conflict as an obstacle to doing real ministry. Doug Marshall's workshop will teach church leaders and members to see conflict as an opportunity for profound discipleship, rather than an obstacle. 

Building Safe Spaces for Children

Liberty House Center

The Liberty House Center specializes in training those who work with children to create safe spaces where children can be free from risk of abuse, as well as teaching childcare workers how to identify signs and risks of abuse in the children in their care.

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Insuring Your Church

Toby Hill (James Reed Agency)

Toby Hill specializes in insuring churches, Christian schools and other ministries. He will be presenting a workshop to help church leaders identify risks and needs for coverage in their work to help churches make sure they are adequately covered for the challenges they face.

Handling Non-Profit Finances

Leader TBD

As non-profit organizations, churches have unique rules and regulations that govern the way they handle their finances. This workshop will help inform church leaders of the pitfalls--and opportunities--available to them.

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This workshop is still being arranged. Check back to see when it's announced!

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