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Bethany Fussell

Convention Kids Program

Nursery with The Stokers

Preschool with Bethany Fussell

Kinder-5th grade with The Groves

Preschool Program

Superhero Training Camp

Day One: Teamwork

Day Two: Jesus as Power Source

Day Three: Superheroes Special Lair

Day Four: Superheroes do Little Stuff too

Students will engage in bible stories. games, songs, crafts that will help them learn that although they are young, they can be superheroes ready to do God's work. 

Friday Evening we will sing a song in the evening session

Saturday evening is water day! Come prepared to cool off!

K-5th Grade Program

Russell & Amber Grove

This year's theme is 'SHINE" based on Matthew 5:14-16. Challenging children to live out loud by shining their light for Jesus at home, at school, and in their communities by exploring the following topics in order to SHINE for Jesus. 

* Children of the Light

* Sharing the Light

* Shining through Serving

* Being God's Shiny Church

Each morning the children may be dropped off 15 minutes before the adults program begins and they will experience worship, explore God's word together, participate in fun application activities and have the opportunity to express their creativity with arts and crafts. Each evening the children will start with their parents in the Tabernacle and be excused to their program. Please pick up your children withing 15 minutes of programs ending. 

Tuesday evening is our Kick-Off Party!

Friday we will share in the evening main session. 

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