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Black and Brown Church Conference Flyer (Presentation (169)) (1920 × 960 px) (1370 × 456 p

Missed the 2022 project? Want to share it with your church? No problem!

Below you fill find a full video of Daniel Mallipudi's keynote message, as well as a download kit with all the materials from the gathering. Use them to host your own Unity Project!


With a deep love for pastors, Daniel, a pastor himself, finds himself involved in almost anything that can bring encouragement and community to pastors. Daniel was born in India and was raised in Southern California. Daniel’s great-great-great-grandfather was the first convert through the efforts of missionaries from Bristol, England. Daniel grew up in a Christian home and knew from an early age he wanted to serve God in any way possible. Daniel’s testimony is a strong reminder to us all that God is never finished writing our story and His love for us knows no bounds. He is an avid sports fan and his favorite team is by far the Los Angeles Lakers! He serves as the Senior Pastor of the First Christian Church in Roseburg, as an advisor for the Northwest Christian Convention, and as a cohost on the podcast 'Pastors in Quarantine.'


Missed this year's project? Want to share the project with your church? Click below to download all the materials you need to have your own unity project--the very same discussion questions and activity instructions we used at the event!

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