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Oregon Christian Camp & Event Center

  • Deposit –Your deposit is refundable. It will be returned to you by mail after an inspection of the property demonstrates that you have done the required clean-up and there is no damage to equipment, buildings or grounds.

  • Check-In– Upon arrival at the OCC grounds you will be given a check-list and supplies for clean-up.

  • Alcohol, Drugs, Firearms are not permitted.

  • Smoking is not allowed in any of the OCC buildings or on the OCC grounds.

  • At least ONE person cooking in kitchen needs to have a valid Oregon Food Handler’s card.

  • Speed limit-5 MPH.

  • Lost or Stolen Items–OCC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Be sure to check your entire area(s) well before leaving the grounds.

  • Equipment –Any OCC equipment used needs to be put away and in good repair when you leave.

  • Furniture–If you move furniture please put it back when you leave.

  • No life guard on duty. Please provide swimming supervision.

  • At least ONE person needs to be in charge of First Aid and have a valid and current First Aid card.

  • Must comply with camp safety policies.

  • Payment is due at check out on day of departure

Cancelation POLICY 

Rental of the OCC property constitutes an agreement wherein OCC blocks out a period of time that the rental guests have full use of the facility. This agreement precludes OCC from renting to any other guests during the same time. For this reason the cancelation policy is as stated below:

  1. $550 rental deposit is forfeited if cancelation is 60 days or less before rental date

  2. If cancelation is within two weeks of rental date, renter will also be required to pay the minimum charge for one full night ($550).

  3. Last minute cancelations (defined as two weeks or less) will result in OCC not renting to rental party in the future.

  4. In all cases, extenuating, emergency situations may result in grace from OCC.

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